PiscesTT Jobs Feed http://www.piscesttjobs.com PiscesTT Jobs: Jobs/placement section of PISCESTT, a tool for employers, students & employees in the European aquaculture and related sciences sectors. en Copyright AquaTT Executive-Director http://www.piscesttjobs.com/search/detailed.html?id=1315 http://www.piscesttjobs.com/search/detailed.html?id=1315 The term of the current Executive-Director comes to an end in December 2018. EurOcean is therefore looking for a new Executive-Director to take up the position from January 2019. EurOceanâs Executive Director should be a professional with excellent strategic planning and management skills, with an ability to assimilate, interpret and act on emerging issues that may affect the organisation. The candidate must also be able to network effectively at a variety of levels and be able to engage with key stakeholders and potential members. The candidate should be capable of being an advocate for the organisation, and be experienced in delivering effective presentations and engaging in professional interactions with decision makers, media, etc. Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:38:20 GMT EurOcean