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Position: PhD Student And Research Associate Positions Available

Date Posted: 02 February 2018 << New Search Apply >>
Application Deadline: 01 March 2018    

Start Date: 01 March 2018 Salary: 16.4K-33K Euros per annum
Country: Spain Position Type: Job Vacancy Permanent
Duration: See Below Category: Research & Development
Work Authorisation: Employee must be authorised to work in the EU
Languages: N/A
Language Level: N/A
Working Hours: Not specified
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Description: The PhD student will investigate the potential of adaptive evolution to affect the response of phytoplankton communities to a warmer and more stratified ocean due to climate change. He/she will use modelling techniques that are commonly used in physics (moment closure approximations, reaction-diffusion) to solve eco-evolutionary dynamics of planktonic organisms moving along "fitness landscapes" (i.e. relationship between genotypes and reproductive success). To be eligible for the role, candidates must possess a PhD in oceanography, theoretical biology or a related discipline, alongside competent computer skills and a creative and independent thinking mindset.

The Research Associate will be in charge of the numerical aspects of the global ocean model, as well as the theoretical aspects of implementing trait-diffusion as a way to model eco-evolutionary dynamics of planktonic organisms. To be eligible, candidates must have an Msc in mathematics, computer science, oceanography or a related discipline, while also possessing strong, advanced computer skills in a variety of programmes.

Both positions have no deadline, remaining open from 10 January until filled.
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Experience: Undergraduate/Graduate
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